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A Personal Approach To Talent

At Rum & Honey, we help emerging influencers develop their business, hone their creative voice, and build their personal brand. Whether you're just starting out, have an established following or you're looking to move beyond social media we're here to help. 

We connect you with iconic brands, grow your genuine follower base, improve engagement and enrich your creative voice through a personalized growth and development plan. We negotiate contracts and content licensing deal, and find new media opportunities such as digital series development, paid subscriptions sites, or collaboration opportunities with other influencers. If you have a passion for what you do we invite you to join our community.

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It's pretty simple when you succeed we succeed. Rum & Honey represents emerging influencers who value real connections with their followers and fans. We maintain a high-touch, personal approach with every one of our influencers and focus on enriching their creative voice and business through a personalized growth and development plan.


Being represented by Rum & Honey means you can start to turn your passion and personality into a career. Whether you're an Ambassador, Nano, Micro, or Mid-Tear influencer we know how to help you secure the best work that fits your personal brand and aspirations.


The cornerstone of our community is education and development. As an emerging influencer, our personalized talent development and access to professional coaching helps you shine brighter so you can make a career out of doing what you love.


Your confidence will shine through because you'll know our team is here to support you every step of the way. We take care of all the little things that may drain you of your energy or distract you from what you do best. You're a boss at creating and influence so let us take care of the rest.


Once you sign up, we will connect you with sponsored opportunities that align with your content focus, interests, and personality. Rather than overloading you with project applications or program bidding we take the time and care to select and invite you to join campaigns that align your passions and interests.


Access to tools, automation, and insights, will help you grow your reach across multiple channels, improve follower engagement, and find new opportunities. Don't sweat the tech, we have dedicated growth experts, marketers, and execution teams to make sense of it all. It's about working smarter not harder.

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Turn your social media presence into a career that will amaze everyone, including yourself. We work with every one of our influencers to create a personalized growth and development plan. Providing both talent and business development to our influencer means they will grow personally and professionally. As our influencers develop we continuously connect them with iconic brands they personally identify with.

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Pick up new moves. We help each and every influencer connect, collaborate, and network with the influencers in our community. Sharing, learning, and collaboration with others is what being part of our community is all about.

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Our in-house marketing team is here to help our content creators improve audience engagement and creative development while our execution team takes care of the day to day operations across all social media channels and digital content platforms. The good news is they are in your corner.



Expand your presence to multiple social media channels and digital content platforms. Rum & Honey support all major influencer marketing channels including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Blogs, and Podcasts. Our audience growth team knows what it takes to grow your presence across multiple channels effortlessly. You are already making amazing content let's improve your reach and amplify your personal brand.

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Are You A Brand or Agency Looking to Connect?

Working with Rum & Honey means you can easily build and mobilize ambassador teams comprised of true brand fans. Learn how our influencer community can help you achieve your goals, cultivate more user generated content and amplify your message.

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