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Our Story

Founded in 2019, Rum & Honey is dedicated to helping emerging influencers build their business and enhance their creative voice so they can create compelling content, speak to audiences in new ways and connect with the brands they love. Why are we focused on emerging influencers? Well, it's incredibly satisfying helping people start a career doing what they love and mentoring their journey to success. Besides, micro influencers outperform macro and mega influencers in engagement 3:1. User-generated content is seen as the most authentic form of content – 3X more authentic than brand-created content. Also, 86% of people say authenticity is very important when deciding what brands they like and support. So what's not to love about emerging influencers.

As our influencer community grew we realized that only nurturing talent wasn't enough, we needed to connect them to brands that align with their content focus, interests, and personality. That's why we launched Ambassador Teams for Brands in 2020. To date, many brands have shied away from working with micro influencers and user-generated content because it can be a tedious process that takes too much time and energy. So we fixed it! Now brands can easily build and mobilize ambassador teams comprised of true brand fans to create authentic user-generated content. Content that fosters relationships with millions of customers and it's only $500 per month. Everyone wins!

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